Sony's new next-gen system. It will be available spring 2006 and Sony has said it will have the best graphics of the 3 next-gen heavyweights. However, this is total BS because the Xbox 360 is comfirmed to have better overall performance. All Sony did was over-hype their machine using fancy specs like "floating point operations" and crammed in 7 pointless chips.

When looking at the systems design you can see that it looks like a printer from the 80's and the controller looks like a banana. Sony fanboys enter a state of mind in which their mind blocks out all images of the PS3's design and tricks them into focusing soly one the PS3's total BS specs upon seeing photo's of it.
Xbox fanboy:The PS3 looks more like a mini-fridge than a game console.

Sony fanboy:but the PS3 is more powerful!!

Xbox fanboy:

Sony fanboy:NOOOOOO!!!
by wintrblzzrd May 23, 2005
The game platform that usually includes, Gay kids, Child Molesters and whores. Usually anyone good on this platform is an annoying little fuck who spends 12 hous and is probably 5-10 and thinks he is good. Compared to xbox, this platform is out of a window.
Ps3 Player: Dude I'm so fucking *giggles* good as ps3

Xbox 360 Player: You know the xbox is more competiti-(Proven fact)

Ps3 Player: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!
by Kickin you in the ass July 11, 2011
That shitty system that was fucked over by its own $600 price tag, Halo 3 and the Xbox 360.
SONY: "Hey guys come buy our $600 system with its low array of games and $60 Dual-fuck..excuse me Dual-shock controllers"

by Cold Nigga July 08, 2009
The ps3 is a over priced George Foreman grill, enough heat and space to cook food for a 3rd world country plus it costs as much as a 3rd world country...
guy1: Hey check out that over priced george foreman grill
guy2: Yea it costs as much as a 3rd world counrty!
guy1: Oh wtf? isnt that the ps3???
by Vinny8888 November 10, 2006
The Piss.S.3 is the shittiest game console you can have with awful ass graphics and awful games and fucked up PSN Sure it may be free but It's been hacked twice and do you see how much damage it's done?No one wants to play crappy ass games like metal gears solid or little big shit planet,and who the hell needs a fucking blu-ray player for a Video game console?Xbox 360 is the shit and always will be,I wouldn't have made this but so many assholes bashed on the xbox because they are no life fanboys,xbox is fun good graphics has 2 X more best seller games than P.S.3. So you ps3 loving fanboys can go suck it,125 million more people play xbox than Ps3 and that's only the people that play online.
Jack:Hey man i heard you got a P.S.3!

Greg:Yep I sure did spent 300 on the console itself plus the remote and other shit but still worth every penny!

Jack:So can we play?

Greg:Uh sure whatever you say.

Jack:Uh that's not a P.S.3...

Greg:Yeah it is,I turned it into a a crappy grill it really isn't useful other that.
by Marcus Adontio October 16, 2011
it stands for Peace of Shit 3
guy1-hey did u get a PS3?
guy2-hellz no i dont pay for Shit.
by christheman151996 June 17, 2011
the ps3 is one of da gayest, and overprices consoles in world history. if u call some one ps3 u would be calling them gay
"your so PS3 it makes carlito look un-ps3"
by M-T-J July 01, 2007
PS3 Created by sony it is better than Xbox because Xbox people are noobs who have no life. anyway its beast main point.
Guy:Hey did you get on PS3 today

That second Guy:Umm no why?
Guy: Well get on!
That second Guy:Ok then..
by Kenif kenif from conneticutt March 22, 2012

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