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The full name of China.
Acronym of People's Republic of China.
Everything is made in PRC nowadays!
by moZzz June 19, 2008
vmz stands for Vai maicho, zabiese!

Literally it means Oh mommy, my teeth!, but it is used as the Bulgarian equivalent of omg or better omfg.

The phrase originates from villages in the Rodopi mountain. And could be heard when a peasant is astonished at something.

In modern days it may be used by gamers just as synonym of omg.
1. A peasant: "Vai maicho zabiese! Penke, the bull has enormous dick!"

2. Shmendrick, playing Starcraft Broodwar, just lost all his troops again. On the screen appears:
Shmendrick: vmz!! gg
by moZzz February 22, 2008
The act of forcibly inserting ones knob, shaft and entire scrotum into an unsuspecting and unwilling females vaginal canal.
I needed to go more than balls deep in this slammin' hottie... So I ended up shoe-horning her.
by Mozzz January 11, 2014

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