The week after Thanksgiving, starting on Black Friday and ending the following Thursday, when an all out prank-war is waged for an entire week of madness.
Mmm, now that I woke up from my Turkey nap, it's time to get some Pranksgiving festivities started.
by Flexes McFly November 27, 2010
Top Definition
making continuous series of pranks on someone
Yo dude, we organised pranksgiving session for that annoying neighbour.
by tomeleon1 November 27, 2010

The night before Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Eve, it's a holiday that was created to circumvent the extra police presence and home owner diligence of Mischief Night. It involves the petty vandalization of innocent neighbors, usually by means of something distasteful, pungent and utterly repulsive that will leave a lasting impression for the next day's meal. A flaming bag of crap on the doorstep or a mailbox full of dead fish are common practices.
While all the uncool kids at school went out on Mischief Night and got busted, we waited til Pranksgiving and got away with murder!
by billebllunt May 08, 2014
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