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= acronym for "puta que pariu". Brazillian (Portuguese) ejaculative expression, usable in a variety of circumstances. Literally translates as "the whore that whelped" but can be loosely equivalent to "fuck", "holy shit", etc.
in text message PQP, f'ing frogs beat Brazil.
by Dino de Bahia July 11, 2006
People of Quality Position - A group of people of high social status.
Ex. That's amazing that your entire family is PQP!
by Mr. Blaze February 18, 2006
PQP literally means , poor quickly please . Usually used by online games that go afk
1 : afk bathroom
2 : PQP
1 : pqp ?
2 : poop quickly please
1 : alright
by NixNixta March 07, 2010
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