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Post Party Depression, the low you feel after a good party, get together, or weekend with friends or family. When you go from having fun and all your friends to home alone or basically alone and you just feel bummed out and you come down emotionally from a great time. First Started by Jeff M in NY.
"Man that was a great weekend at Darien Lake, partying, rides and great family!"

"Yeah but now that we're home and everyone is back to there individual lives again I'm feeling some PPD hard."
by SD6515 August 10, 2009
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PPD = Post Potter Depression

The anxiety ridden period that Harry Potter fans will go through after the final movie is over. It is a mixture of happiness to have finally seen the movie and sadness that it is over and it's THE END. The length of the PPD is determined by how much of an uber fan each person is.

Symptoms may include: collecting any and all Harry Potter paraphernalia available, sleeping on Harry Potter sheets, re-reading Harry Potter books, watching over all previous Harry Potter movies, wearing clothing that make reference to Harry Potter in some way etc.
Friend 1: So we're going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 this weekend right?

Friend 2: Absolutely! I can't wait.

Friend 1: Is your sister coming with us and I know she's a hardcore Harry fan?

Friend 2: Nope, she went last weekend and now she's in a serious PPD. She just sits in her room reading over all of the books.
by Ellarina December 28, 2010
Short form for postponed.
knicks-magic game was ppd.
by cinzento007 January 11, 2011
n. acronym for Profile Picture Disorder: when a Facebooker or MySpacer has an hourly or daily urge to change his/her profile picture.
"Dude, what's with Jenna and her changing her profile picture all the fucking time?"

"I don't know, dude. She probably has PPD."
by JenDee August 19, 2009
Posts per Day
used on message boards to show how many times the user posts each day, on average.

Also commonly abbreviated as "p/d"
I have a postcount of 15000 and 32 ppd
by Artoonie December 09, 2007
abbreviation for Potential Prom Date(s)
The Saint Joe's girls have all their PPDs on their lists.
by arcssisawesome April 22, 2011
Post-Penile-Drip: When peeing at a urinal has finished, the man will then "tuck" himself back into his pants. When the first step away has commenced, an extra amount of pee will drip out. Hopefully this amount is not too much as to show through the man's pants causing much public embarassment. If he is lucky there will only be a temporary damp feeling. The only way to resolve the problem is to "shake" yourself dry or hope they have electric hand dryers.
Girl #1: Hey, you got spots on your pants...
Guy #1: Ahh dammit! I have PPD, I mean I splashed water at the sink...
by Skinman October 17, 2005

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