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Private Personal Business
-"OMG get off my case-its ppb"

-"I dont think she wants to talk about it-its totally ppb"

Bob: "Why are you mad at Kayla?"
Amy: "Um.. myob its ppb"
by Tswizzle328 April 25, 2011
Puss Puss Brotherhood

- A fraternity that originated in Cupertino, Calif.
by #PPB November 16, 2012

The art of timing how long it takes you to chuck a turkey into the loo whilst at work... Taking you hourly rate your employer pays, you can work out how much you got paid to release the beast...

Hourly rate / 60 * Minutes on the bog = PPB
I threw a $25 PPB out today...

I threw a $25 PPB out today...
by stuey_boy May 17, 2008
Princess Puddle Butt. Anyone who a) leaks, b) has ruined at least 4 pairs of frilly panties, and c) denies it.
Look at Neo over there, she just leaked again. Definitely a PPB.
by DannyTheNinja April 01, 2012
Pussy Punk Bitch

Used to insult someone, usually a guy, by calling him a weak
It was used on The Boondocks
Take that you PPB!
Take that you pussy punk bitches!
by buzzinbee June 26, 2011
Noun - A nickname for the town Point Pleasant Beach which is in Ocean County, New Jersey. It's the Jersey Shore and thats the shit.
It has the boardwalk, the sickest shops including Atomic CDS and Tattoo City, and the hottest fucking people you will ever see. There are no ghettos in PPB, yet some of the kids seem to act like it. PPB is home to all the guidos and bennys in the summer.

To sum it all up PPB is the shit and you can't get better than that!
"yo where you from?"
"representin' PPB!!!"
by luvlikecolumbine August 29, 2009
Pre period boobs, when before your period your boobs get bigger.

Otherwise known as Flow Ta-Tas or Bloody Rack

blood jugs
big boobs
Ben : 'Whoa, your boobs look big today'
Laura : 'Thanks, they're only PPBs though'
by Spoonycakez May 21, 2011

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