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Stands for "Pound 'N' Out", the act of shagging a girl and then never speaking to her again, sometimes even denying all knowledge of it even happening. By claiming PNO you can sleep with any ugly girl and not be made fun of by your friends.
Chris: "Rob I can't believe you pounded that ugly girl last night!"
Rob: "It's OK man, it was PNO!"
Paul: "That's OK then kid..."
by Chris Reynolds August 01, 2006
pno is short for pompano beach, located in Florida, where K.O.P(kings of pompano) resides. Where Q.O.P.(queens of pompano) resides; where T.H.B.(tedder home boys) && H.B.(haitian boys) resides.
Im reppin' "pno" to da fulles, fukk yall flaw nigguhs, we the realest nigguhs, haha hate on itt bitch && stop frontin wee odee raw && maad coool .. yu know we be on point
by yunq money August 27, 2008
pNO is the act of being the most complete pimp at the party, or scene in general. Pronounced Pee-NO, it is not to be confused with people from the Philippines, however much it may sound like it. This word is directly derived from Phillip North, who created the pNO style. O yeah, he is also very fratty.
Surfer Dude 1: hey man nice wave, you rode it hard.
Surfer Dude 2: thanks bro, i was totally looking at my awesome hair, so i dont know how i stayed so totally on my board.
North (flying in with a cape): surfers are gay, lets go play hockey and slang on some hot bitches
Surfer Dude 2: Damn, you are so pNO, i wish we had that idea in the first place, what would we do without you Phil?
North: i dunno, like keep being GDI's. Next time go play FIFA and party at a frat.
by pledge daniels March 03, 2007
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