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PND means "Punk Nigga Deceased". From the Eazy E song Ole School Shit
You wont see R.I.P, you be seein PND -- Punk Nigga deceased
by ChrisMaliCe September 07, 2006
A way to confuse spud's.
Spud upside down.
Used by very smart people to confuse the intellectually challenged people.
He is such a pnds..
This film is pnds..
pnds to be honest
by futeringmaniac June 06, 2009
A filthy whore.
Oh my GOD! Your grandma is a total PND.
by sexy_sega_swirl March 29, 2003
A rabid trunk monkey with an enlarged peenus.
1. "My god, a PND just escaped from the zoo!"
2. "A bird, a plane! No! A PND launched from a canon!"
by kekeke ^_^ March 29, 2003
A rare species of that which pertains to the exotic Koala Bear; enjoys consuming mass quantities of shit.
Look over there in the trees! It's a rare PND, eating goat shit!
by BJ-tron-5000 March 29, 2003

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