Santa hater. One who hates Santa Claus.
Pnb busted that mall santa's head right open.
by Buzz March 03, 2005
Top Definition
Stands for "Peace and Blessings." Commonly used when departing, rather than goodbye or another bidding of farewell.
Friend: See you later Geoffrey!

Geoffrey: Bye! PNB!
by Yeswellofcourse November 10, 2013
Childfree term which stands for "Parent Not Breeder". The PNB is the opposite of the BNP, or "Breeder Not Parent".
A PNB will control his or her children appropriately in public situations, is not afraid to discipline them, and understands that people in public places may not wish to be exposed to children. Does not bring children to inappropriate places, such as R-rated movies, bars, or fine dining establishments. Does not believe that parent status entitles one to preferential treatment in public.
by Mnemosyne9 May 30, 2005
Potential New Boy (boyfriend, crush, hook up, etc)
Girl 1: started talking to this kid the other day..PNB!
Girl 2: sweet! Is PNB cute?
by realgirltalk69 June 14, 2013
Party N Bullshit
I'm going to the beach for my birthday, you in?" "Are you guys staying the night?" "Naa, I doubt it. We have work the next day." "Oh, no PNB for your 21st, huh? Alright, it'll still be fun!
by jizzlezoo June 09, 2010
potential new boyfriend

offtake to the popular sorority recruitment term, PNM, or potential new member, which is commonly used to term recruits
A: You're looking pretty hot tonight!
B: Good! I'm going to be hunting for PNBs at the club.
by ABCH August 05, 2007
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