Stands for Pre-Menstrual Tension.
The female gender get it around the time of their period. If you know whats good for you stay away from a female on PMT!! A girl on full blown PMT is not a pretty sight. Approach with care, the slightest action can trigger of a hissy fit and do not do anything to upset her or make her angry.
Its all common sence really =)
Girl - "Omfg!! Dude just fuck off!!! I'm sick fed up of you you're really pissing me off!!! I'm not taking this!"

Guy - "Oh someones got PMT!"
by flying-green-monkey May 17, 2006
Top Definition
Pre-Menstrual Tension. A hormono-psychological disturbance that affects (to some degree or another) anyone in proximity to someone in, or experiencing the main phase of, a menstruation cycle.
See also: PMS
by phantom oddity May 20, 2004
Pearl Milk Tea, a common drinks among asians. It's usually served cold with tapioca pearls mixed with milk and tea. Although this may sound gross, its actually a very sweet and delicious. Usually associated and eaten with fried chicken, asian style.
- I love to munch on my pearls as i drink my PMT.

-Hey lets go to Q-Cup and get some PMT and then go to Tapioca Express for their mouth-watering chicken.

-Dan bought his first PMT and weakly thrusted his straw through the plastic cap, resulting in PMT over his clothes.
by PMTaddict December 07, 2005
(acronym) Pearl Milk Tea also known as boba
Yo, I'm thirsty! Let's get some PMT now!
by ImaSerialKiller April 08, 2011
Pretty Much The Same
- Hey what's up?
- Nothing really, you?
- Everyhtings PMTS too
by GDfreak September 10, 2007
Premature Thirst Syndrome

When a college student, or any young adult for that matter, begins the Thirsty Thursday drinking festivities any day before Thursday. Say, like, a Tuesday night?
Girl 1: Megan is wasted tonight and it's only Tuesday.
Girl 2: She must have PMTS.
by missTINS February 08, 2011
(P.M.T.) private message time.
when on facebook your conversation on a post gets a little personal you simply write P.M.T. to the person you want to talk to and they know what time it is.
by DR.jfg July 16, 2009
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