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Acronym for: Post Mispronounced Lyric Embarassment

1. The utter humilation suffered when one loudly sings the wrong lyric to a song (often followed by incomprehensible mumbling to make it seem as if the nothing went horribly wrong)
(While singing along to The Beatles' Come Together)

Horrible Sing-alonger: Got to be a joker he just do what he please, He wear no shoeshine he got Trojan football, he got funny dinger, mshsh shjsj coca cola come together sgsdjd right now mshmsjk

Lyric Analyst: "Trojan Football," are you serious? And that mumbling did not mask your PMLE at all

Horrible sing-alonger: I just thought -

Lyric Analyst: You thought nothing!
by The Sebastian August 07, 2007
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