A profit luving playa. Based from a rap group named P.L.P. in the 1990's
I make dem stacks like its nothin. I'm a fuckin plp!
by Matt Dillemuth November 29, 2007
Top Definition
PLP - short for Personal Learning Plan. The most stupid excuse for a subject in Australian Schools. Putting together pretentious lists of all the nothing they've done with their lives, PLP makes students sit down for hours talking about how they learn. An utter and complete waste of time.
Chelsea: What lesson do you have now?

Maddie: Ugh, I have PLP.

Chelsea: Me too, what a complete waste of time.

Maddie: The teacher insists we make portfolios, but it's bullshit.
by Banshee&Monkey July 19, 2009
Stands for "Pa La Pinga." It is a way for people of hispanic descent to express an extreme lack of care for something. In other words, it is the Cuban version of "Fuck it." The abbreviation is usually not said verbally, it is mostly used on the internet. The verbal version is the full "Pa la pinga!." It is usually screamed in an excited voice.
Example 1:
Nick: Bro you're on Accutaine you cant drink!
Bernie: Pa la pinga! Tequila shots on me!

Example 2:
AP Student: I just studied six hours for my AP Art History test tomorrow and I still don't remember shit. Who the fuck is caravaggio?! *Closes book and throws it off desk* "Pa la pinga!"

Example 3:
*on a college discussion website*
I got a perfect score on my SAT, but Ivy league is too hard. I'm going to Flagler College! PLP!
by confuie July 12, 2012
Personal Leaning Post - as in people leaning against one another
"How come he don't come and plp with me" - first line in Rickie Lee Jones' Chuck E.s in Love
by cosooner February 16, 2010
people lazily procrastinating.
just look around the room during your plp lesson,

then you'll understand. ;DD
Platonic Life Partners
hey sexy babe, let's be plp!!
by Vik the Slick January 30, 2007
PLP : Penis Length Proportional - A man having a penis in a proportional length to his height.
"Don't want no short dicked man! He better be PLP!
by missme19 December 27, 2014
Potential Life Partner

A person that you are dating who has marriage potential.

A potential husband, wife, or life partner.

You are in a relationship with this person.
PLP is totally in love with me, we could go all the way.
by Marie D'Angelo October 21, 2014
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