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acronym for "Pissy Little Bitch"
usually referring to male with dramatic female tendencies
I seriously cannot handle that PLB whining about the carbonation in his fruity effen cocktail.
by brobi March 17, 2010
Abbreviation for Prancing Little Bitch - Originally a DOTA term for players using the character Encahantress, a horse that prances around, the term has extended into general use in the modern League of Legends for a player who prances around farming minions instead of joining team-fights.

The term is also applicable in everyday life for a person who flakes out on fun activities for unknown or unjustified reasons.
Jim: Nick what the hell, you missed the team-fight, we got slaughtered.

Nick: HAHAHA, I'm watching my lane!

Jim: What a PLB


Ben: John, are you in for this game of Beer-Pong?

John: Hold on, I'm playing with this scorpion I just found.

Ben: Get your ass over here, ya prancin' little bitch, The team needs you!!
by dangerzone116 September 13, 2011
the abreveation for: Pussy Licking Bitch
“Shelby, why do you have to be such a PLB”
by what1432 June 17, 2009
Post-Lunch Blues, or PLBs, is the depression one slips into after lunch when one realizes he or she is only half way done with the work day.
Coworker: Man, we still have to work 5 hours today.
Me: Yeah, I have a bad case of the PLBs.
by Cawken Bahls January 29, 2014
It's the abreviation for Pretty Little Bitch.
John: What ya said?
You: Oh, c'mon PLB, c'mon!
by MartinBB February 18, 2014
Street name for a top-of-the-line sports enhancing supplement. Stands for "Pure Laufasa Blood". Said to be a mixture of 50 different kinds of amino acids and a hint of testosterone. Illegal in Iowa, Vermont, the East half of Canada and all of Europe except Amsterdam (cuz, shit, everything's legal in Amsterdam)
I heard we have squats today. Bro, let me get some of that P.L.B. before we lift today.
by Jaisizzle July 13, 2011
meaning Persistant Little Bitch.
aka: someone who doesn't give up until their point has been made, or until they get what they want. Usually someone who is very stubborn.
Melissa: (adds an unflattering picture of Rebecca on facebook)
Rebecca: DELETE
Melissa: Nooo! It's so funny!
Rebecca: MELISSA DELETE THIS NOW. Am I going to have to be a PLB on your ass?

"Don't be such a PLB!"
by Savage_Cabbage September 14, 2009