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Abbreviation for Prancing Little Bitch - Originally a DOTA term for players using the character Encahantress, a horse that prances around, the term has extended into general use in the modern League of Legends for a player who prances around farming minions instead of joining team-fights.

The term is also applicable in everyday life for a person who flakes out on fun activities for unknown or unjustified reasons.
Jim: Nick what the hell, you missed the team-fight, we got slaughtered.

Nick: HAHAHA, I'm watching my lane!

Jim: What a PLB


Ben: John, are you in for this game of Beer-Pong?

John: Hold on, I'm playing with this scorpion I just found.

Ben: Get your ass over here, ya prancin' little bitch, The team needs you!!
by dangerzone116 September 13, 2011
The term for a friend or roommate who's decided to get a little salty, and has nothing to say but meaningless insults.
Jordan: Ha, I hear you dying over there again Nick, Asche Sucks!
Nick: Wow, thanks Captain Insult.
by dangerzone116 December 15, 2011
A condition wherein an individual forgets or neglects to clean the cheese out from between their teeth after a meal. CT can also be used as a nickname for a person with the condition.
Jim: Knock it off Cheese Teeth.
Ben:Wow, Great Insult.

Jim: No I'm serious, you have cheese between all of your teeth.
Ben: Whatever, I was just eating some Kraft Singles
by dangerzone116 December 15, 2011
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