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Pla is short for plasma. This term is used to call someone with a big forehead.
Custo:ilalla pla x mohh andek ostja
by Karist April 02, 2008
The sound made when firing imaginary bullets from an imaginary gun during an imaginary drive-by shooting. Often when saying this the speaker will extend his thumb and index finger, tilt it towards his 'target' and simulate shooting at them.
"Drive-by! Drive-by! Pla! Pla! Pla, pla, pla, pla, PLA! Pla!"
by O Goncho July 26, 2006
Short for plastics; term used to describe a sterotype of females those who portay any number of the following characteristics; acting like a typical dumb-blone, talking like a cliche cheerleader, worrying about makeup, going shopping on a regular basis, spending time with other girls of such nature, priding themselves on beauty and nothing else, etc.
See the film 'Mean Girls' for a better definition of 'Plastics'
"All the plas sit together up the back of the room and just gossip through the whole lesson"
"She was acting so plas!"
"I saw all the plas shopping with that fagal today"
"She was acting so plas, i heard her say; what's infinity?"
"All the plas are so dumb"
"She started to act all plas, like it was good or something"
by HotSurferBoi23 October 26, 2006
The word you use when you are too drunk to communicate and you want to make fun of your roommate with the big growth on her nose.
1. Pla
2. PLA
3. Pla Pla PLA
by Sarah February 01, 2005