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A popular gaian who later on changed his username to "Platinum." He is known as a troll in the gaia community. Very annoying, but attractive internet sensation...

his annoying/quirky nature inadvertantly caused a "war" on massive internet chatroom thing site 4chan early in the year, that caused the site to close for some time. He went downhill after he was out trolled in 2006. There have been but a few people who worship him for his successful trolling.
You were owned if PIatinum trolled you!
by fuck platinum December 18, 2009

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troll 4chan annoying exist gaia successful war
The most successful troll to exist in Gaia.
User 1: "Hey did you hear about pIatinum?"
User 2: "Oh yeah! i heard he caused 4chan to close down for a bit."
by michael937xx December 30, 2009