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When a persons got the highest level of swagger in the way they walk, talk and act. In order for someone to have a high PIMP STATUS one must usually abide by some simple rules in order to become successful. These things are as followed Cool, Amazing, Lucky, EGO BOOST (C.A.L.E)

Cool- make sure you wear the best up to date things to make your Pimp Status highest as possible Ex. Stripe collared shirts, Tie dye shoes and retro cereal box watches etc.
Amazing- This is simple for many but harder for others. In order to be " AMAZING" this relies solely on your speech. Some examples of things you can say to achieve a high PIMP STATUS is " I don't Currrrr!!!!" and " That's how I do!"

Lucky- Everyone needs a little luck in their lives and in order to achieve a PIMP STATUS you must have a little luck.
EGO BOOST- Start out by being just nice then create a plot for world domination using this. Once in a while mention how "GODLY" you are to people then after a while people will start believing you. Believe it or not the more you say it the harder it will be for people to deny.

By doing these things you will be able to obtain or retain your PIMP STATUS. The word PIMP STATUS must ALWAYS be capitalized because it is the most important title you could ever get. If you follow these simple steps your PIMP STATUS will be HUUUUGGGGEEE!!!!!!!
Ally: OMG your so godly! I wanna know why you are so PIMP'N?
You: I don't currrr, what you want! and I know! its because of my tie dye shoes and retro cereal box watch that I have a high PIMP STATUS! Now follow C.A.L.E and you could be a PIMP TOO! yyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
by KING PIMP'N MR. MOORE April 12, 2010
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One who always is Looking Pimp
Man! you have graduated to pimp status or We are rollion in pimp status tonight
by Isaac Smith December 04, 2003
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that bling is pimp status
by joey March 09, 2004
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Something that becomes pimp (awesome, or fuckin' sweet). NOTE: A temporary quality; something may not be pimpstatus all the time. I could be now, but maybe not in 10 minutes.
by db8 December 21, 2004
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Did you see the new iPod touch? It's totally pimp-status!
by bekki_the_pimp June 25, 2008
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