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Acronym for "Phil Is A Wanker”.

PIAW originated in 1998 at Griffith University, Australia as an insult to a microelectronic engineering student by the name of Philip. It was generally assumed that the student in question regularly masturbated because of his inability to find a woman.

PIAW has since evolved into a generic insult with one notable derivation being DIAW, an acronym for “Davide Is A Wanker”.
Philip enters the engineer’s computer lab and is greeted by 20 fellow engineers shouting “PIAW!”
by Reggie November 25, 2004

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Onomatopoeia. It sounds like a tiny gun shot, if a kitten pulled the trigger. It is cute.

It is an acronym for "Posting It Any Way."
"This is probably going to start another facebook fight. Oh well, piaw!"

"This makes me sound a little slutty, lol, piaw!"

"I totallr didnt even proofread this! Pisw!
by TTAB September 02, 2010