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a type of cigar/blunt
come in all flavors....strawberry,sour apple,peach,mango,coconut and much more!
roll the Phillie so we can blaze!
by Sean aka masta blunt roller April 17, 2006
1. Its a Phillie blunt.
1.Hey nigga roll that phillie up so we can blaze.
by don sullivan November 30, 2004
The best person ever, she amazing,so beautiful,my best friend, I love her but she will never know because of right now all she wants is him.
Damn, I miss Phillie!
by cantstopthinkin September 26, 2010
A slang term for a person who is Republican. It is usually considered an insult because Republicans only care for the well-being of themselves and other rich people.
"See that weinernipple over there? He's a phillie."
"Is that why you brainfreezed him?"
"You know it! I'm a hipcat!"
by Assman Bob March 12, 2004
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