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Peter Griffin Laugh. A replacement for the standard LOL.
Bob: I thought about it long and hard.
Tim: long and hard? PGL
by iball99 June 06, 2011
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short for PRETTY GOOD LOOKING. The story behind this abbreviation takes place in Jokkmokk, Sweden, when some dudes needed code words for talking shit about the girls in their class.
Björn: that girl is so PGL!!! Lets FUF tonight!
Erik: yeah, totally agree bro.
by heeygiiirl May 09, 2011
short for Pretty Good Looking
Dave: so, how does she look?
Neil: she's PGL
by Pablo Honeyy March 02, 2010
Pretty Good Lay
Laura and I hooked up in my car last night, she was a PGL.
by Drew0223 March 01, 2011
A Halo 2 team that runs MatchMaking. Team PgL ranking themselves up to the top of their game.
Fuck! PgL SwIsHa fucking raped me that last game, fuck i hope i can be invited into there clan and rape side by side with them!
by Nolan Tounsley November 04, 2006

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