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(Phi gamma kappa) is a high school organization based on community service in memphis tennessee. It was founded in 1996.
Kreme Dela Kreme #1: Who is that prettygirl with the pink and purple ?

Kreme Dela Kreme #2: Thats a PGK girl !
by Oh So Phi October 11, 2009
Poor gothic kids. The people who never take showers, wear black clothes, and always talk about anime.
Person A: "Man that kid smells terrible."
Person B: "Well no shit, he's pgk.
by Mrbiginpants January 18, 2009
Skateboarding crew. PGK stands for Pepino Gremo Krew. Formed in 2005 by some local San Sebastian, Puerto Rico skaters. They focus on groms, hence the term "gremo" and are still active as of today.
How much for that PGK sticker?

Those PGK dudes skated like shit today.
by Bumbax April 25, 2009
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