Pussy-Getting Capacity, i.e. the ability and/or probability of a male to pull chicks in any given situation such as nightclubbing, without any compensation whatsoever to the female except for services rendered. P.G.C. is based entirely on looks and a strong rap.
"James Bond has much P.G.C.; he can hit pretty much any thing that walks."
by vo8537c1348xury1 July 13, 2009
Top Definition
Prince Georges County sometimes nicknamed Pretty Girl County
A.Where you at?
A.Me too!what part?
A.Oh Prince georges county?
by Tiako September 04, 2006
An abbreviation for "Program Chain," a series of video/audio data on a DVD. On a movie DVD multiple PGCs are linked together to form a VTS (Video Title Set). A PGC can also be a shorter bit of content, such as the FBI warning common to movie DVDs.
My DVD backup software has an option to "Remove annoying PGCs (like FBI warnings)" and that is cool.
by Backup Man August 07, 2008
Poop Gym Chicken - An expression used (similar to Jersey Shore's GTL - Gym Tan Laundry) when one has to relieve him/her self on the toilet, before working out at the gym. After the gym, it is then lunch/dinner time.
Mike: Hey Bryan, what are you up to?
Bryan: You know, the usual, i'm PGC
by lookitsash September 17, 2011
Letters Meaning: Pussy Generating Call

Simply being a call made to a random brawd in hopes that it will someday down the road lead to gettin some.
"Hang on bro, I gotta drop a few PGC's to these brawds real quick."
by ClevelandDanny September 13, 2007
"Pedophile-Goldigger Couple" or "Pedophile-Goldigger Combinations". When an older man (usually in his late thirties or older) pursues younger women (20's or younger) for the offer of financial security in exchange for a sexual relationship or a relationship without substance.

If you are still in school, it will be a shock to you that people will stoop this low to find someone. If you are older, this should disgust you since older men think this behavior is perfectly acceptable.
I'm trying to stay away from that bar since it's full of PGC's, lots of CEO types hitting on materialistic college-age girls.
by Tiff23 May 13, 2007
PGC - "Pinoy Gangsta Crips", A Filipino Gang. It started when the OG of the x3 crips "Gambino" had a beef with his member "SLIMM". The beef is about the rules of the leadership of x3 Crips. The x3 Crips is divided by 2,the other members remain in the x3 Crips,and the others go with Slimm. Slimm founded the PGC (Pinoy Gangsta Crips) and they were knowned as the "Anti" (Anti Rules), as of the x3 Crips as "Pro" (Pro rules). Several years later the founder of the PGC "SLIMM" died on a fight. Now days PGC is still down with their new OG "K-OZZ".
mOe' D still poppin' PGC Crip Gang.
by mOe' D February 07, 2007
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