Public Finger Bang
That discreet moment when you have carnal knowledge of a women,"P.F.B." in a public place usually a club or jacuzzi when people are around.
by Trace,Henry August 18, 2008
Psycho Fuck Bitch: An unreasonable, irrational, demanding, condescending and manipulative person with cruel intentions.
A PFB is person who is hard to work with, be friends with, etc. Untrustworthy. Manipulative. Underhanded. Sly. Evil.
by Angel666_PFB June 08, 2006
of or bieng Pillsbury Flow Boy.
pFB is a god and his Pillsbury Flowness is legendary.
by Baron_pFB=KG= December 09, 2003
prounounced 'fib' or 'fibbed' to betray a friend.
He callously pfbed his brother.
by bread infection November 15, 2005
Short for "Pink fluffy Bunnies". A guild formed in Shadowbane and currently active on the Korgath, World of Warcraft, PvP server.

Recognized for their overwhelmingly superior ability in Player vs. Player combat. It's not uncommon for them to take on numbers twice their own and dominate the opponent.
PfB has an amazing five man team.
by Aegeus October 16, 2006
Potential Fuck Buddy
Regis: How's that PFB coming along?

Jackson: We're meeting up tonight, so you tell me.
by Joy! Fraction Massacre August 07, 2009
A short, skinny, always-hyper teenaged girl who takes a lot of stuff too seriously. Enjoys anime and hanging out with her friends. Avoid at all costs. May be distracted by Rurouni Kenshin DVDs and Di Gi Charat mangas.
I think PFB is continuously high on caffeine.
by PinkFluffyBunny (hehe) October 08, 2003

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