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Post Fap Blues


The blues following Fapping.

This self indulgence, for men, means solo ejaculation often with the aid of pornographic material. over time this material may become more and more graphic, eventually involving the sharing of all bodily secretions simultaneously between people (and occasionally even animals)
It is believed that the feelings of low self worth and crushing despair that descend after fapping are caused by return of blood flow to the brain and the realization of what you just masturbated to.
PFBs normally include the emptying of one or more browser caches
Also note worthy: If you still like a girl during your PFBs, that is considered by many to be True Love.
Ted: hey bro, im not going out tonight

Fiachra: why man? we've been planning this for weeks!

Ted: i got those PFBs, just not feeling up to it!

Fiachra: but stephs gunna be out man?

Ted: ya your right, i want to see her!

Fiachra: Thats true Love
by VanBrah October 29, 2012

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