Pedophiles Enjoying Twink's Anuses
I saw slick Willy at the PETA rally with a blond twink in tow.
by Jack Meough February 17, 2012
Like marxism and prohibition.
Good intentions, terrible outcomes
Peta is made of idiots
by Opinionated Truth Teller November 29, 2013
Possibly more annoying than a Jehovah's witness Door knocker.
PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
For house pets I understand but animals we use for food,
They bitch and whine that "Killing animals is wrong!" Yet humans need protien and some of the meat eaters don't like Soy meat.
Another example, If an animal rips into your house, most people would kill it, yet the PETAphiles would capture the animal and move him to a forest...Animals are not fucking retarded, they will follow the scent trail.

PETA meaning 2
People eating tasty animals, BBQ ribs sounds good right now.

PETA meaning 3
People eating tiny animals...
O_O I cannot say anything here.
*eats Chicken mcnuggets*
Jailer 1: What you in for?
Jailer 2: I killed a cow.
Jailer 1: damn thats heavy shit, the farmer must of..
Jailer 2: No no I killed it on Minecraft and the mother fucking PETA bitched at me.
Jailer 1: what the fuck?
Jailer 2: I know... ._.
Jailer 2: Soo, what you in for?
Jailer 1: ugh, ohh fuck......*im screwed*.




A group composed of hippy retards, who believe that to solve the world's problems, they must become a bunch of pussies and stop using anything that comes from animals altogether. Christians tend to be against PETA, since the Bible says that Man has complete dominion over all the animals of the earth and can do whatever we want to them (Excluding being sick bastards and having sex with animals), including but is not limited to:

Eating them
Milking them
Killing them
Keeping them as pets to keep you company
Pretty much anything that doesn't involve sexual relations with an animal.

PETA would be a group of Goddamn hypocrites if they were a Christian organization.
Guy 1: I'm part of PETA!
Guy 2: You must be an asshole then...
Guy 1: Yep!
by Sherlock21st June 12, 2011
There are two groups with the acronym PETA
one (this is my favorite definition of PETA):



People (for)
Treatment (of)
When I was in Utah, I bought a PETA shirt for


I got paint thrown on me then by PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals)
by what??????!!!!!!!??????? June 01, 2011
People Eating Tasty Animals...because people are carnivores by nature and have an insatiable need for MEAT. If it's good enough for wolves, bears and sharks, there's no reason people shouldn't enjoy a tasty steak, chicken leg, or pork chop.

Remember, there's room for all of GOD's creatures...right next to the mashed potatos.
Come join our PETA party, we're having barbeque tonight.
by Mike In SATX September 26, 2010
Pornstars for the ethical treatment of animals
Dude #1: Did you know that Jenna Jameson is a supporter of PETA?

Dude #2: No wonder why they call it "PETA"!!!!!!
by Rosi Faulds September 17, 2009
People Eat Tasty Animals
most ppl think peta is against killin animals but u know wats up.
by uknowwatsup January 18, 2008

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