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noun plural: permies: short for ‘permanent friend.’ A distinct individual that is selfless, committed, loving, and trustworthy to all other permies. An individual that will not think twice to help another permy in need. One that does not need an explanation, and will always understand. There is a constant guarantee that, in any case, permies face all dilemmas together. Whatever happens to one permy, will in fact, happen to ALL permies. It is always certain that one permy can depend on another to make them smile, often in the form of permynol. Permies are permanent in all aspects of life. Permies are for a lifetime.

Synonyms: ‘perms’

Antonym: ‘anti-permy’
“A permy can only be permy material with the consent of all other permies.
by girl permy September 06, 2010
A smile - a smile so big that it is impossible to remove. Stays on your face for a long period of time, even if you try to stop smiling. A permy must be used showing all your top teeth, and it has to be REAL - not a fake smile, y'eano?
"..That was so funny, I have such a permy now!..."

"Yeh, I have a permy too!"
by Permyobvs September 24, 2009

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