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Extremely Pimp ... used as slang venacular describing really great things/instances.
WOW did you see that??? That was amazing, straight PEMP!!!
by E of the ASH August 09, 2009
Acronym: 'Pissy Morgwai Ethel Pants'. Derived from an uninteresting tale of a group of pensioners and a jar.
PEMP, that is all...
by SpaceRobot4000 August 14, 2011
Aroma or fragrance of female sexual arousal, scent of hot pussy
I enjoy sniffing pemp.
by PempLover September 25, 2003
not quite a pimp
who the hell knows??????????
by wells May 18, 2004
drinkin' liquids(preferably) from a bottle(preferably) bottom side UP(preferably)!! YEAH

often used at parties, but also for drinkin something in general.
the word is originally norwegian(pempe)
you're at party PEMPING beer! mmmm..
or, you're veery thirsty so you bought yourself some soda to pemp.

or you're meetin' a thirsty friend who stole your soda and you like "eeey maan, that's my soda yoour pempin'!!"
by maikyxyxy July 30, 2009
Penis ethusiast man player.
The gay version of a pimp.
1: that's my third blowjob today
2: damn man your such a pemp.
by redheadboi1024 November 24, 2009
A penguin and best friend.
see John Berger
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
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