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'PEM' is an abbreviation for 'Post-ejaculation Mood'
The PEM describes a mood common to all males, experienced after ejaculation (after cumming) whether they have been masturbating, having sex, or were involved in sexual activities which caused them to ejaculate. Immediately after ejaculating males are overwhelmed by a feeling of disgust, laziness and regret; this is the PEM and can last from 10 seconds up to several hours, often relative to the volume of sperm ejaculation.

One very common symptom of being in a PEM is often quite a killer to the sex life, whilst in the 'PEM state' the person one has been involved in activities with, despite being as good looking as Cheryl Cole will appear to be more of a Susan Boyle whilst in a PEM.
After having the greatest tit-wank in his life, the young boy had to then face the resultant PEM that followed
by niazazad February 06, 2011
An endearing term used for a close friend. It is diguised as a nickname. Some people may get frustrated by the usage of Pems, but really they are jealous of the person in which the term is directed at. The term Pems is often shared between two friends.

It can also be used in what may sound like an offensive term; 'Pemhead', but it is usually used in a joking manner and a Pem would not take it seriously.

The term can also be changed to similar forms including; Poms, Pooms, Pims, Pemulious.
Person 1: Hey Pems!
Person 2: Hey Pems!
Person 1: I love you Poms!
Person 2: I know Pooms!
Person 1: You Pemhead!
Person 2: You Pomhead!
by Chezza4eva March 29, 2011
I.E. Pussy Eating Mondays.

The weekly tradition of two or more women congregating into a small apartment to drink wine, take digital photographs, and eventually engage in simultaneous cunnilingus; all the while continuing to document the event with digital photographs.
"I cleared my digi cam and stocked up on box wine in preparation for PEM, I can't wait to make another photo album"
by trick ho January 06, 2010
Picture Exchange Monday (PEM). The never-ending weekly ritual where girls get together and drink too much wine and then fiendishly take sexy pictures of themselves together - pictures which will then be exchanged in the same meeting place the following Monday, and the next Monday, and so on. It is not uncommon for previously "straight" girls to realize that they are truly lesbians after participating in PEM.
Andi and Chelsi look forward to PEM all week long. They can't get enough of their weekly love fest.
by baylove January 05, 2010
Pandering Epicurean Mondays (PEM): When a pair/group of female friends and acquaintances gather together on Monday nights to inspire, explore, and appreciate one another's femininity. The ritual acts performed during PEM are often extremely liberating. Conservatives and other closed minded individuals have given PEM the specious reputation of being a lesbian cult. PEM maintains a devoted following, and has the tendency to influence drastic lifestyle changes especially apparent in prospects and new members.
Shahera used to be all boy crazy but she got turned out at PEM by those two freaks, Chelsi and Andi. She burned all of her bras and now she only likes box.
by shanch snatch January 09, 2010
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