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Practice Clan WarZ(Used by Euros Only)
This is when 2 clans or Teams play each other not sexually, i meant game(s) such as CS for practice purpose
5 v 5 | de_cpl_fire ( this week map :P ) | (Y)ours East Server | CAL-im/m | No PugZ/NoobZ | PM Me

Also See scrim
by Pak!TerrOr April 09, 2003
Previously Complied With.

its from the US military. I know the airforce uses it, not positive with other branches.

if someone asks you to do something, thats already done, you reply with PCW....
Did you do the checklist?

by MrDude_1 August 04, 2006
Acronym for Post Count Whore.

A person who post alot of meaningless or irrevelant thread/post with the aim of increasing his/her post count.

See Forum Whore Post Whore
This is thread is PCW.
(This is a PCW's thread)
by eterna2 July 18, 2008
Problem Co-Worker, someone that gives you grief at work
I'm sorry! I know how bad it sucks to have a PCW. Maybe they'll quit soon...
by Marandasue February 06, 2008
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