P.C.R. = pussy consumption rate. looking at how many girls a guy gets with determines a high, medium, or low P.C.R.
damn that dude's been grinding every girl here, his P.C.R. must be really high
by singher74 May 15, 2011
Top Definition
To dunk ones dick in ICY-HOT and then penetrate, causing cycles of hot and then cold for both partners
Ian: I just put the samples in the heat exchanger. We have about an hour to kill

Josie: Hmm well I still have some ICY-HOT left in my car from badminton camp, want to PCR?

Ian: Yeah we have time for 60 cycles of hot then cold
by RaveMasta696969696969 July 18, 2010
Prostate cancer reduction. In other words, to wank off.
Daniel: yo mike
Michael: yo STFU guy i'm pcrin!!!
by Michael Heys =D June 26, 2005
PCR (or Post Cum Regret) is the displeasure or resent you feel after you masturbate. Usually occurs when trying to break a masturbation habit.
"And then the PCR hit me."
by Peb June 02, 2015
Pacific Coast Region BBYO. Hailing from So Cal.
"The AZAs of PCR are so much more manlier than SWR."
by pcrfanatic September 04, 2007
Post-coital remorse. The same feeling you get from eating too much oily Indian food and/or chocolate chip cookie tubs from Stop 'n' Shop.
Went up for my fifth serving at the Indian buffet, and it was total PCR, man.
by SangRayJuvEd March 06, 2011
Post-Cognitive Recognition.

Term used to define the heightened sense of awareness one has to a subject following their initial exposure to it.
"Classic PCR moment...I'd never even heard of the Indian poet/philosopher Tagore until yesterday and in the 24 hours since then I've heard 3 different people make reference to him".
by Dr RK Stanley August 07, 2009
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