Post Cuddle Depression. Your partner or a friend was in town and the two of you spent the days cuddling and talking the nights away. The time comes for them to leave and an instant feeling of loneliness overcomes. Your days seem to drag on forever and your bed now feels awfully big. You are left craving affection.
"Hey, why didn't you come to the party last night?!"

" I was stuck at home with PCD, man."
by Orozconleche March 27, 2015
PCD stands for programmed cell death. This happens when a cell is in a state of poor health/disrepair, so release of special proteins (like cytochrome c - found in mitochondria) either from inside of the cell or by another cell, triggers an organized chain reaction of events, resulting in the degradation and destruction of proteins and nucleic acids inside the cell.
The genes responsible for the proteins that signal PCD are not working correctly in cancer cells.
Bob "Have you heard that cells can commit suicide?"
Pete "No"
Bob "This is also referred to as PCD, or apoptosis"
Pete "Is that going to be on the finals?"
Bob "Definitely!"
by dicAcielcunobiryxoeD June 10, 2008
Acronym for 'PussyCat Dolls', a girl musical group. See pussycat dolls.
a: have you heard PCD's new album?
b: who?
a: you know, the pussycat dolls.
by b-sup-yo June 09, 2007
Proper Creep Distance. Adj/verb. The appropriate distance at which you should walk behind an attractive chick. You should maintain this in order to get a good view but avoid alerting her to how hard you're staring at her fine ass and/or legs and making her run off like a spooked gazelle.
Man this hoe train I was PCD'ing downtown was so hot that I almost stepped on a sleeping bum.
by Jogler July 13, 2011
Pork craving disorder (P.C.D.) when a female craves the act of porking or ones' pork.
This broad I know suffers from P.C.D. Due to my enormous shlong.
by Thee PorkFather June 28, 2012
Personal Comunication Device, able to comunicate with other people, the internet, apps, navigation systems. Its all comunication and more than a phone. So P.C.D. should replace the term phone or cell phone. Hopefully this acronym will be the new universal word.
I need a new P.C.D., my old one broke.
by poloman58 July 06, 2010
Post Convention Depression

A depression after a USY convention, where all you can think about was the past days at your convention. You miss your kitahs, the dance, your mixers, the Torah song, other chapters, and the hookup you recently might of partaked in.
I've only been home for 6 hours, and my PCD is horrible. I miss my friends!
by DBUSY April 27, 2007
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