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PCC stands for play chinese chess. Which means to masturbate
I am going home to watch hentai and pcc.
by BRookiess November 04, 2010
The PCC is the undisputed heavyweight champion of chasing pussy. He suffers from a mental condition that forces him to chase anything with a vagina. Usually this results in ignoring his buddies and displaying the double rock star, tongue out, cock in a chicks ass pose. This individual is often dating three ladies simultaneously, and is in love with all three. Will send photos of himself in his boxers, just so you can see how jacked and tan he is. His pecks are lookin so right.
"He's gone from the PCC to the mini kiss master, one of the biggest turnarounds in pussy chasing history"
by Fitzer March 04, 2008
Pyridinium Chlorochromate, a chemical compound used in the oxidation of 1'st and 2's degree alcohols to ketones and aldehydes. In the absence of H2O, the aldehjyde does not form the hydrate and the oxidation reaction stops at the aldehyde.
CH3-CH2-CH2-CH2-OH + PCC ---> CH3-CH2-CH2-COOH + Cr3^+
by Melvin Nerdburger April 21, 2011
This stands for Plymouth-Canton Community School district! P-CCS contains the 3 high schools (Canton, Salem, & Plymouth) which are also known as P-CEP

Student: I hate P-CCS, especially P-CEP
Parent: Why?
Student: Because we have to go to three Schools (Canton, Plymouth, and Salem)
by ChrisKitz24 December 22, 2011
An acronym for Pasadena City College. But it should stand for political correctness center or something like that considering how this school is filled with politically correct morons. Literally, there are tons of social justice warriors or SJWs crawling around that easily get butthurt about anything and everything.
PCC is an acronym for a community college with a bunch of morons running around.
by Wahrsager350 July 30, 2015
AKA post coital club. A club for sexually liberated and usually blonde women to discuss who/what/when they last got some cock.

In a world where men seem to be able to brag about their amount of sexual conquests and are said to be "lads". This is a safe environment in which the words fuck cock, dick, arse and penetration are readily accepted by strong and independent women.

The most devoted and hardcore clubs will even include a scoreboard or "lad chart" in which each member receives "lad points" for slutty behaviour.
"Oh my god whose dick did u sit on last night"

Blonde- "hahahaa ill tell you later in PCC.

"last night he invited me back to his house, but simply cuddled me and then kissed me goodnight on the forehead"

- "wooaah minus 2 lad points"
by n dizzzle May 15, 2011
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