"Pretty Blonde Swag." Derived from the Soulja Boy song and phrase "pretty boy swag", two blonde males in a small masachusetts town came up with the new meaning to describe themselves. The acronym evolved and is now used to describe any male or female that is both blonde and good looking. It is usually used now to describe good looking blonde females.
"Damn yo look at that PBS over there, she's like a Jennifer Aniston in her prime"

Male: "Yo my PBS goon how you been?"
Friend: "Been chillen man looking for some nice blondes to chill with"
by Midgell March 09, 2014
Partying and Bull Shit. Coined by -TGR

Inspired by "Party and Bullshit", a song by American hip hop artist The Notorious B.I.G.
Q: Whats Nadeem doing in NYC this weekend?

A: PBS or PBS'n
by Tigermethod March 15, 2011
"PBS" Means parents behind shoulder can be used in the text or voice chat. Commonly used by teenages but sometimes young adults.

Can be used like so...

:I'm watching PBS.

:How's PBS doing?

:I'm reading that new called PBS.
Gary: Hey what up

George:so I'm watching right now

Gary: Cool Ijust finish watching PBS

George:Talk later
by ludicer November 21, 2009
presentation of the ball sack, otherwise known as authorized tea bagging but since no tea bagging is ever authorized the name had to be changed entirely.
the male walks into the room to a perfectly awake and conscious person. he then unzips his fly and gives the person a pbs. had the person been unconscious or asleep this action would have been considered tea bagging.
by thames o'conner June 29, 2011
perfect boob space
when you see a girl with perfect spaced boobs not to far off not too close thats PBS
by Afroman26 February 28, 2011
Pretty But Stupid.
I don't care if I can have a conversation with her, I like my women PBS.
by chuckers611 November 10, 2008
Penis Back Slap
To slap a girl in the face when she talks back to you
this chick was giving me head and she was bitching about it so I PBSed the hoe.
by Eltoro19 May 08, 2008

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