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PBM stands for plain and simply, Professional Black Man

This involves an African American coming off as a incredibly professional looking individual.

Things that help

- Always calm (always)
- Stands out among his crowd
- Professional attire
- Great intelligence
- Lead Role (if not he sure as hell makes it look like he is)
Morgan Freeman is currently the king of PBM's, this cannot be debated.

If the torch was ever passed, Don Cheadle would receive it.

Jeff: Samuel L. Jackson is a PBM.
Joe: Samuel would be put in the BAMF (Bad Ass Mother Fucker) category, go watch Pulp Fiction.

Andrew: What about Denzel Washington?
Joe: Denzel is in a league of his own.
Andrew: True, hes a wild card, he can go from BAMF to PBM whenever he wants.
by Sev12 January 09, 2010
Pretty Boy Millionaires, said often in songs by Soulja Boy and Lil B The Based God

PBM Motherfuckers, Pretty Boy Swagginn!
Soulja Boy - "PBM motherfuckers, we the prettiest richest niggahs you've ever seen niggah, steez!!"
by ChillennChriss December 29, 2010
Previously Banned Member
A: 'Did you know that Mike was a PBM?'
by ricky92 May 22, 2008
Or known as Pretty Boy Muscle Syndrome

It's a pandemic sweeping males everywhere

Do you have PBMS?


- you work your biceps, chest and abs religiously but nothing else

- You have big biceps,chest cut abs but have scrawny shoulders bird legs and no back and flat triceps

If you or your friends could be suffering from PBMS there's really no cure by now you probably had SBS or suffer from douchebageritis
Guy 1: dude do u walk on your arms? Your legs are scrawny!

Guy 2: shut up I can curl 100 pounds

Guy 1: how much can squat

Guy 2: I don't squat those don't work my chest or biceps!!

Guy 1: oh no! He has PBMS I better warn his parents and loved ones before It transcends into SBS or douchbagitis
by underground66 August 23, 2010
Protagonist Beast Mode Syndrome or PBMS, is a cliche among many genres and literary works. This occurs when the main protagonist is so powerful that he/she removes all suspense from the literature itself. This is common in many mainstream animes and other works of art.
"I hate this show, character X is never defeated in battle! He has a severe case of PBMS."
by Gameassassin1020 November 06, 2014
We've got the MILF term. It was time to have the opposite. A PBM (for Paper Bag Momma) is a mom so ugly, that even the idea of touching her is disgusting.
dude #1 : What's up?
dude #2 : Tonight, I've a rendezvous with a MILF I met on the net.
dude #1 : A MILF? you'd better expect a PBM.
by Orderite McRae May 22, 2008
Parent Behind Me- As in be careful what you're saying to your boyfriend online because your momma is watchin right behind you.
Jamal: Hey baby whats going onnnn ? ;)

Janie: Pbm, Pbm!

Jamal: I mean, Jesus loves me this i know...

Mom: What does Pbm mean sweetie?

Janie: o just, you know... Pretty beautiful muchacha?
by iwaslikewhyyousoobsessedwithme March 07, 2011
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