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A short, sharp adjective deried from the word cowpat or cowshit. Is used most effectively when describing something that is utterly terrible or rubbish.
Terry: I am clearly the best footballer in the region!
Josh: Nah mate, you are so PATT!

Jack: That goal i just scored was so good. :)
Jordan: You blasted it from all of 2 yards like always. You are PATT!
Jack: :(

Ryan: I will clearly beat you on FIFA 11, Tom. I always batter Joe like 3-0.
Joe: Why lie?
Ryan (after losing to Tom 4-0): Ok, perhaps I am PATT after all.
Tom: Too right mate.
Ryan: :'( (throws controller on floor)
by Fenners5itfc October 09, 2010
Another way to say: "Party All The Time"
I am going to PATT tonight!!
by JJ cola March 25, 2007
Party all the time (P.A.T.T.)
Used as acronym:
"My girl wants to P.A.T.T."

Used as verb:
"My girl P.A.T.T.'s man, and I can't keep up with her."

Used as description:
"You're the really hot P.A.T.T. girls I see clubbing every night. Damn, you girls always look good on the dance floor."

"Those P.A.T.T. girls always befriend the bartender."
by cory alannah parker May 02, 2007