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Acrynom for Pussy Ass Faggit Shit. Can be used to describe a person (you are such a PAFS) or to describe a situation (that is PAFS).
Tom: I think I'm going to get a big mac meal with a diet coke.

Kevin: Dude, that is some PAFS

Tom: You're right, I'll get a regular coke.
by sick weapon August 20, 2011
0 1
Pleasant as Fuck (P.A.F.)

A slang word that originated and is used heavily in SoCal (Southern California)
Man, this place is PAF.

Damn dude the beach is PAF
by champion4290 October 20, 2009
219 42
acronym for "Pimp as Fuck"
"Yo, dat Maxima is paf bro"
"Dafuq is paf?"
"Pimp as fuck, muthafucka!"
by Vald Bagina May 01, 2013
37 2
Female masturbation, fapping in reverse
I found a video of her paf'ing, it's pretty good.
by Medio June 29, 2003
66 48
Pissed As Fuck
Acronym used when someone is extremely mad. Usually used in social communication. Ex. texting, instant messaging, email, facebook, myspace, twitter, ect.
-text message conversation-

boy #1: I'm PAF because she stood me up for the 3rd time last night!

boy #2: bro, forget her, she's a damn hoochie.
by sgeri July 10, 2011
37 24
Female masturbation, derived from the word 'fap' to describe male masturbation.
I caught Jen paffing in the girl's bathroom!
by Arabellaroxk April 13, 2009
16 13
Poor As Fuck
Leaside is a PAF neighbourhood.
by pafjamcoordinator January 19, 2011
14 12
PAF stands for pretentious art fuck. These are the people that think, because they make good art, they are owed some sort of entitlement by the general public.
That bastard Hitler used to be a real PAF in his hayday until he was rejected by that Vienna art school.
by DaleJones February 04, 2010
7 5