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A magnet program at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg, Florida. There are 7 disciplines that students major in: Visual Arts, Technical Theatre, Performance Theatre, Musical Theatre, Instrumental, Dance, and Choral. PCCA kids are not to be confused with starving artists: a high GPA is required to be accepted and to stay in the program. PCCA has some of the best teachers in the system and has representatives from Colleges such as Calarts (a Walt Disney founded school) and Juilliard coming to entice students to go to their schools. The best program available in Pinellas County as it requires academics in addition to fine arts.
1: Hey, where do you go to school?
2: I go to P.C.C.A.
1: What's that?
2: Fine Arts magnet at Gibbs.
1: Gibbs? That sucks.
2: Actually, no. I'm in all honors and AP classes. Oh, and

did Juilliard come to your school?
1: ...
2: Or Calarts? And you know, there's several other

colleges coming to present.

1: Oh, I see.
by wellfedskinnyartist November 06, 2011
The Pinellas County Center for the Arts
located at Gibbs High school in St. Petersburg, Florida

I attend P.C.C.A. for Instrumental Music. I ''major' in the Piano
by nc 1111 January 24, 2007
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