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When your boyfriend of girlfriend buys you an iPod for use in the gym, making it harder for other gym members to try to chat you up, as a dog peeing to mark it's territory.
"My boyfriend bought me an iPod to run with for our anniversary --"

"Girl that's not an iPod, that's a pPod, he just peed on your leg to stop the hot men talking to you."
by lilgoof December 05, 2011
1)Chosen location or place to store/hide one's pornography.
2)Small carrying case or knapsack to store burned porn Dvds and cds.
3)Found/stolen stash of pornography hidden by a youngster for later use.

See smut for further elaboration on pornography
Julio: Hey man, you selling your P-pod?
Douglas J: Hells fucknaw...I got da shizniz in dis biz boi!!!
by k rico October 19, 2005
Period, Menstruation cycle.
Sammie: Damn Pattrik, I got my p pod yesterday..
Patt: I really don't wanna know.
by Sycomoron April 13, 2007