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An internet or SMS word meaning 'laughing out loud'. Has been overused to the extent that when you type lol you really arn't even slightly amused.
Or you cbf looking at what they just said
Kat: My names like the fantastic feline!
Penguinman10: lol

PeteBra: Yesterday I broke my foot and when I came home my parents had been murdered and im sooo upset ;
Me: lol
#period #pea pod #poo #woman #blood #pads #tampon.
by Sycomoron April 14, 2007
Period, Menstruation cycle.
Sammie: Damn Pattrik, I got my p pod yesterday..
Patt: I really don't wanna know.
#period #pea pod #poo #woman #blood #pads #tampon #anita
by Sycomoron April 13, 2007
A country in the southern hemisphere.
Close to Australia, New zealand was once a colony of Australia but seperated much like America did to England.
They have a relative large amount of sheep and Have hot accents. Im Australian and i think that new zealanders are okay if they just STFU about us being all gay. WE ARE JUST LIKE YOU.
New Zealander: How bout we get some fesh and chups?
Aussie: nah mate I want a steak on the bbq!
#aussie #nz #new #poo #bbq
by Sycomoron April 16, 2007
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