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Abbreviation for parental units, or more simply put, parents.
I'm going shopping with my p-units so I don't have to spend my own money.
by Meli Jet February 11, 2011
P UNIT, Also known as 'Pak'z Unit' is a Gang runned by leader 'U.Z' and has huge rep in surrey area.
by RYAMU November 17, 2008
Someone who has a "P" at the star of his name and can be called "P-Unit"
"Yes P-Unit , hows u"
by P-Unit x October 24, 2008
1. Punits (poo - nits) n. The female gentalia. 2. Tang 3. Mutt. 4. A box 5. The Flaps 6. Meatflaps.
A term that is endearing to the ladies, humourous to the blokes, and often coated in cottage cheese.
Her punits was encrusted with festid cheese.
by dangy August 19, 2005
Refers to the cottage cheese'd up tang lips of an older and ugly as fuck woman (or man) wi funbags that sweep the deck.
Miss Scarlett's punits is WELL edible
by Abul Achmed Abdonni August 19, 2005
Pussy Unit, noun: A tripped out car filled with 16 year old white boys, dressed up like gangsters, driven around town for the soul purpose of picking up girls ie "pussy"
"Hey man lets jump in the p unit and do some laps see what talent is out tonight"
by Reaping Phoenix September 01, 2005