abbreviation for "Potatoes From Amsterdam". otherwise known as Mr.Bobgwam's(pronounced Bob-Jee-Wam) cobular potatoes from amsterdam.

they are pretty much the most amazing band on earth that write mega hits such as "i want a paper towel, give me a paper towel" and "the kitty winker song"
PoFA is awesome. done.
by J-Dizzle1234567890 December 24, 2009
Top Definition
Piece of Ass, sex; can be used as spoken by either sex, about either sex.
I'm gonna get me a P of A tonight.
by Suwannee Redhead August 15, 2005
A word to describe the awesomeness of a certain girl whose initials are V.K. She is loved very much by this one guy who likes to steal backpacks.
Dude, that girl is so pofa, I wanna be like her!
by TheReelSmurf February 19, 2011
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