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Rapper/entrepenuer who encouraged people to vote in the 2004 election between John Kerry and George W. Bush using the slogan 'vote or die.'
Shit, I have to go vote or P Diddy will stab me while I sleep.
by itsahorrorshow November 02, 2004
472 210
1.The lost black member of backstreet boys
P.Diddy is as underground a britney spears
by drow February 10, 2003
397 133
Producer and rapper of globally popular R&B flavoured hip-hop music. Changed his name from Puff Daddy after negative publicity from a night club shooting in which one of his crew shot strays. Estimated fortune of US$500 million, with an empire encompassing music production, film, clothes and restaurants. Widely known in music circles as bi-sexual; his Sean John clothes collection pays homage to his gay leanings. Has not settled into a stable heterosexual relationship since his break up with Jennifer Lopez (aka J-lo - a relationship which is started out as a PR strategy, and ended when J Lo's management team became concerned about the negative impact of the aformentioned shooting incident.
P Diddy is a music producer and rapper.
by Twiki-wiki-piki October 15, 2003
393 185
a rapper. coughrapsuckscough
his name is p. diddy. it used to be puff daddy, but he changed it to p. diddy. but if he just abbrieviated the puff, why isn't it p. daddy? and it thought his real name was sean "puffy" combs. why isn't it sean "puff" combs? it wasn't puffy daddy. why not just sean combs? and where did the "john" in sean john come from? sean john combs? i thought it was sean "puffy" combs. it is sean john "puffy" combs? why not sean john "puff" combs? well now it should be sean john "p." combs shouldn't it? what is a diddy anyway?
by cato February 21, 2004
299 123
Is gonna get shot once Shyne gets out of jail.
You heard it here first. Remember that.
by bigtones November 09, 2004
205 57
a homo rapper who can't write his own lyrics
by Omega Death March 27, 2003
275 148
A fuckin' loser who can't talk, rap, or even decide what his godforsaken name is.
P Diddy, dumbass, Puffy, Puff Daddy, faggot, Diddy and finally, Sean Combs.
by SlipKnoTSOAD April 20, 2006
164 40