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Jogging while pushing the lawn mower.
Screw the Gym, I'm JogScaping tonight.

I killed two birds with one stone. I cut the grass and excercised. I jogscaped.
by ynbk April 07, 2009
Urinating and Defecating at the same time.
Damn, That diaper is full of P Diddy
by ynbk November 15, 2009
Not worthy of an individual phone call. To be demoted to a text message notification rather than making a separate phone call.
Mike: Hey Joe, did you make all your holiday phone calls?
Joe: Yes, I called a bunch of people
Mike: Did you call your uncle Junior?
Joe: No, he's been Textlisted. I sent him and a bunch of others a group message.

Mike: Yeah, don't waste your time.
by ynbk November 25, 2009
Waking up naked with a boner...Ready for business. (Stems from Birthday Suit)
Woke up Sunday morning with my Business suit. Brooke was looking so hot, I was ready to go.
by ynbk June 16, 2009
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