An interjection, used by the winner after decisively defeating the loser. An example of "leet-speak" in action.

See also "pwned", "0wnz0red"
"liek omg lol u got own3d"
by D.L. "Fox" Doucette January 23, 2004
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Being owned (own3d), getting dissed badly by someone causing them to be owned by you. Own3d is good. Good is muffin.

Also spelled "pwn3d".
That bitch got own3d!
by JewishLlamaBitch July 10, 2003
- Total defeat/beatdown or domination by a n00b or l337 or something that is weak. usually in unbalanced circumstances in PC games or other competitive activites
- (in CS)you had an AWP, he had a pistol and you just got own3d!
- That midget own3d your ass
- That test own3d me
by pokpok March 18, 2003
When one online gamer has been defeated by another online player, he is 'own3d' if the kill was particularly inglorious or embarassing.
Pardsbane Own3d Modal 13 to 2 in a Unreal last night
by Pardsbane May 10, 2005
When a website/forum and its member suffers the indignity of having suffered an attack, usually by one person.
When something or someone gets fucked up, usually with prior notice and warnings.
Ormand "own3d" and with ease.
by Ormand June 06, 2004
Pronounced:- Oun-duh

Alternate Verbs: 0wnage, 0wnz0r

Used to express unfettered power over another player in an online game. Used by both skilled and unskilled players, this word makes no judgments, and is meant as a decree of power within the game.
In Team Fortress Classic
Man, this fag0t33r kept wank-hacking in TFC man, and I blasted the shit out of him with my sniper rifle nevertheless, talk about 0wned.

In Team Fortress Classic
I 0wnz0red that lam3 cheatar with my sniper rahfle.

In Tribes 2
I bestowed destructive 0wnage upon the enemy team by baseraping them.

-Note- How 0wnage is used to replace the overused, colloquial term, "carnage" in this sentence.
by TittayMastar April 14, 2003
above the opposition
I own3d you.

Pronunciation: OWNed
by Anonymous April 13, 2003
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