The point at which you allow your swagger levels to overflow. This is caused by not turning your swag levels off every now and then. Overswagulation is characterized by the overuse of the word swag, trying too hard, a huge overflow of cockiness thinking you're "the shit" and an overall swag meltdown which can result in injury.
"Pardon my behavior last night at your party, I definitely overswagulated."
"You pissed on my friends, fuck you and your overswagulation"

"So did you get with that girl last night?"
"Nah man I overswagulated and started speaking in the third person"
by Kanye West -_- November 15, 2011
Top Definition
Too much swag for others to handle.
How did you get hurt? From overswagulation.
by JigglyBooty June 22, 2011
Having the ability to pick up women 24/7. Not limited to Thirsty Thursday, Friday, or Saturday but for any day of the week.

Having the ability to pick up multiple women at the same time
Shades went to the bar and for some reason his overswagulation led him to the bedroom
by Shades1221 January 17, 2012
the act of being beyond the limit of swag as to where you may hurt yourself or others around you because of your swag.
Poise feels Gunz is in danger of overswagulation due to her extreme hotness.
by Mrs. Poise June 08, 2011
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