When a large group of codenames stands in or walks by your local vicinity.
OMG serious overdose after 1st period today.
by Jake Coolson February 28, 2008
Top Definition
An excessive dose, especially of a narcotic
My maye sniffed 1Kg of cocaine in one sitting and died of an overdose
by sniper June 09, 2004
Lecrae (a christian rapper)'s fifth studio album's title. It is the best selling christian hip-hop album thus far. By 'Overdose', Lecrae meant that he overdosed not on drugs, but the Holy Ghost. He made a strong statement in the album's introduction about the contrast between his new definition of the word, and everyone else's definition in the mainstream world. Overdose was an extension to his previous album, Rehab.
"I'm on that Overdose! Old me comatose!" - Lecrae
by AltermaxProductions January 25, 2011
A song from Jamie Foxx's Intuition album.
Its very heartfelt..quite deep..dont listen to it if you recently broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
"Cause I want you close..need you the most..without you im just thru..cause i overdosed..overdosed..overdosed on you"
by Jessica BTooFly February 16, 2009
A word often used in clubbing circles to describe the excessive use of a certain musical element in a song/artist. Overdosing as a technique is used mainly to create a heavier, more energetic and raw feel. Overdose can be applied to any aspect of the music but is most often used to describe an excessive amount of synthesizers, effects, or bass drum.
Clubber: God, I love (artist name here). They fucking overdose that shit.
by abcdefghijklm January 03, 2008
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