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An Overbeast is the resultant of a women who has mispronounced a word resulting in her going into a power hungry rage for redemption.
Ever since Kim stuttered she has been such an overbeast.
by numbershawm September 25, 2010
Comes from the root - beast and beast mode. Also derived from the old Sega video game, "Altered Beast". This word describes a person that is well known to be awesome, and second, do awesome things. There is usually high adventure, high risk or high exertion involved... and also a high potential for beast noises while said activity is being performed.
Did you hear that Brad hiked 18 miles in the mountains in one day?!? What an Overbeast!
by Poet Justus November 18, 2014
Overbeast is slang for someone who is OVER weight.
Overbeast is like. Big, massive, large, well fat, minger
by Sarah Cronin June 28, 2007

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