A outwar player who will try to get exps in outwar by getting every single person he possibly can to click on his outwar link.

They often post on random forums or websites and do everything they can to trick people into clicking on there outwar link.
outwhore: OMG, i found this video of the Olsen Twins Naked! http://geocities.com/iamadamz/porn.html
random person: awesome!

*clicks on the link*

random person: You fag! that was just your outwar link!
outwhore: roflcopter!!!111 thanks for the xps noob!
by Adam Zivojnovich March 09, 2006

7 Words Related to Outwhores

Those who 'play' outwar.
Anyone in gaming chat with Outwar, AZN, etc in their name = Outwhore.
by Ryuu November 18, 2003

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