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Out with an added ski.
Hey, I gotta go, peace outski.
by A.J. February 15, 2005
Another derivation on "saying goodbye". Most popular in Urban areas, especially in the upper mid-west (i.e. Chicago/Chi-town) or people of Polish descent.
Instead of saying, "I'm leaving" or "I'm out of here", one can say, "I'm Out-ski".
by ojvmi May 28, 2007
A unique, highly monetized online social platform on which people may realize their travel plans and dreams; it gives consumers an easy, and effective way to get from “we ought to do this” to actually doing it. "Stay in, or get Outski!"
Dude, we are planning our destination vacation - you have got to join us on Outski to see and share in the planning!
by Hellish88 February 25, 2014
when the female gets eatin out
I gave the outski...the girls cooch stank
by tori March 31, 2005
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