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The capital of Canada. Home of the federal government and a great place if you want a job that doesnt require you to do any work. Sadly lacking in variety in entertainment, although it is home to a quality NHL team, the Ottawa Senators, as well as the Ottawa 67's OHL team. Ottawa is also home to the Tulip Festival and Winterlude, where you can pick up a Beavertail, the best food in the world. The city has a population of 774,072, fourth largest in Canada, but does not suffer from pollution to the same extent other major cities do.
Sundin: I wish played for the Senators so I could live in Ottawa and eat Beavertails.
by ~MilkMan February 26, 2006
Canadian Capital city where you can get some good Duck Confit.
Ottawa is brill and has some cute snotty lux poons who need a good emeriling, good times.
by hydroponics May 27, 2003
The Capital of Canada. Very boring place.
by Anonymous August 29, 2003
a small town in illinois, also known as death city because of the radium dial factory which deposited radioactive waste in different areas of the city, these areas are now refered to as hot spots.
Boy: where are you from?
Girl: no... Illinois eh?
by elizibeth venison November 02, 2005
south east ottawa the only interesting place in O-town.
by SouthSide Ryda June 04, 2004
A city that lacks a hockey team worth mentioning, unlike Toronto.
It's too bad we don't live in Toronto instead of Ottawa. Then we would have a real hockey team.
by unbiased individual October 23, 2005

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